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The Foot2Afrika Summer School was initiated in 2016 and was started to test the educational approach of MYV as a pilot and runs trainings, which are hosted at MYV. While currently (2022) the actual MYV buildings still require more funds, the summer school offers trainings on basic business knowledge.

Development of the MYV training curriculum benefits from the experience of the summer school and both activities are considered for the detailed work of the ongoing building activities towards Moshi Youth Village.

We would like to thank:
Uhuru Hotel in Moshi, for providing a wonderful space for our first years of the Summer School
Förderverein DHBW Heidenheim and SEZ for funding Getting MYV Off the Ground – providing funds for final work, such as furniture, basic equipment and internet access, enabling the first Summer School on the premisses in 2022.

General Information

The Summer School runs in March or April each year.

The Foot2Afrika Summer School offers different 1-day trainings over a period of 2 weeks. It is targeting basic business skills, such as marketing, staff relations, grant and microfinance applications, financial planning or market research.

We are a German-Tanzanian trainer team with backgrounds in engineering, IT and business. We all have extended industry experience with different levels of vocational and academic training.

Foot2Afrika Summer School

29 June – 09 July 2022
Moshi Youth Village, Shirimatunda, Moshi

Come for one training day or the whole program
(See all topics and trainers below)

Wed 29 June9.30 am –
3 pm
Management of Effective Marketing Channels & PlatformsProf Katja Stamer
Thu 30 June9.30 am –
3 pm
Project ManagementProf Katja Stamer
Fri 01 July9.30 am –
3 pm
Digital Skills Prof Sabine Moebs
Sat 02 July9.30 am –
3 pm
Day 1 of 2: Business Planning &
Sustainable Business Model Canvas
Prof Sabine Moebs
Wed 06 July9.30 am –
3 pm
Communication Skills
– How to Position Yourself
Dr Judith Wanda
Thu 07 July9.30 am –
3 pm
Public Relations & Customer CareDr Judith Wanda
Fri 08 July9.30 am –
3 pm
Day 2 of 2: Business Planning &
Sustainable Business Model Canvas
Prof Sabine Moebs
Sat 09 July9.30 am –
3 pm
Writing a Project Funding ProposalProf Sabine Moebs
Sat 09 Julyafter last trainingCertificate CeremonyAll trainers &
Foot2Afrika Board

10´000 TSh

per 1 training session.

Registration in-person at the training (provided free seats still available) or register online:

QR code registration Foot2Afrika Summer School 2022

https://www.surveymonkey.de/r/Foot2Afrika or

Call or contact us on WhatsApp:
+255 0755277807
(African Mlay)

This year we are introducing a new trainer team for our Foot2Afrika Summer School.
We welcome Dr Judith Wanda from St Augustine University Tanzania.

All Topics and Trainers (2022)


  • Management of Effective Marketing Channels & Platforms
    Design of a marketing conception for your business
  • Project Management
    Management of projects with a focus on time, costs and quality in order to successfully accomplish a project. Learning about tools and methods to control and manage projects in your business.
  • Digital Skills
    An assessment of digital skills of all participants at the beginning of the workshop will give an overview where you stand and what is there to work on. We will look at Information & Data Literacy, Communication & Collaboration, Digital Content Creation, Safety and Problem Solving. Both trainers will then offer several small units introducing several digital skills often needed. You need to bring a laptop or tablet that allows typing text and numbers.
  • Business Planning & Sustainable Business Model Canvas (2 days)
    Main parts of a business plan: business environment with market analysis, competitive analysis, general company description & marketing, financial plan with overview of finances, Best-Case / Worst-Case scenario. Optional (depending on progress) we will look at sales and profit margins, income statement (overall, for all segments), cash flow statement and the balance sheet. The Sustainable Business Model Canvas leads to a Sustainable Business Model for your business idea or existing business. Bring your business idea – we will identify the key elements for your business model. You need to bring a laptop or tablet that allows typing text and numbers.
  • Communication Skills – How to Position Yourself
    This will help participants be able to learn various styles of communication that will enable them to be able to engage with prospect customers more easily. They will also learn choice of words to use in regards to their business and customers.
  • Public Relations & Customer Care
    This involves acquiring skills and knowledge about activities that one can engage in his or her business to be able to attract customers and then mechanisms to employ in order to maintain their customers through customer care management.
  • Writing a project funding proposal
    The basics of writing a proposal or application for project funding. We will together work on real applications for grants or funding. This is suitable for those who have not only identified a specific funding need, but also an idea which program(s) to apply for.


Sabine Moebs, PhD
prof in Digital Business Management & International Business, DHBW Heidenheim

Judith Wanda, PhD
Head of the International Office and Communications lecturer, St Augustine University of Tanzania

Dr. Katja Stamer
prof and program director in Industrial Engineering at DHBW Stuttgart-Horb

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