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The Foot2Afrika Summer School was initiated in 2016 and was started to test the educational approach of MYV as a pilot and runs trainings to be hosted in MYV in the future. While currently (2019) the actual MYV buildings still require more funds, the summer school offers first trainings on basic business knowledge.

Development of the MYV training curriculum benefits from the experience of the summer school and both activities are considered for the detailed work of the ongoing building activities towards Moshi Youth Village.

General Information

The Summer School runs in March or April each year.

The Foot2Afrika Summer School offers different 1-day trainings over a period of 2 weeks. It is targeting basic business skills, such as marketing, staff relations, grant and microfinance applications, financial planning or market research.

We are a German-Tanzanian trainer team with backgrounds in engineering, IT and business. We all have extended industry experience with different levels of vocational and academic training.

Foot2Afrika Summer School

04 – 14 March 2020
Uhuru Hotel Moshi Kilimanjaro Road

Come for one training day or the whole program
(See all topics and trainers below)

Wed, 04 March
9.30 am – 3 pmBusiness CalculationsKatja Stamer
Thu, 05 March9.30 am – 3 pmHow to apply for grants and fundingSabine Moebs
Fri, 06 March9.30 am – 3 pmEmployee retention and team buildingKatja Stamer
Sat, 07 March9.30 am – 3 pmPilot Drying Plant for Agricultural GoodsAngelika Kessler
Wed, 11 March9.30 am – 3 pmBusiness planning and Report WritingWiseman Ndlovu
Thu, 12 March9.30 am – 3 pmThe right strategy for your marketing conceptFranziska Baar
Fri, 13 March9.30 am – 3 pmBrand Management and StorytellingFranziska Baar
Sat, 14 March9.30 am – 3 pmExcel Fundamentals for EntrepreneursZanifa Omary
Sat 14 Marchafter last trainingCertificate Ceremony

10´000 TSh

per 1 training session.

Registration in-person at the training (provided free seats still available) or register online:

https://bit.ly/2CSVFbR or

Call or contact us on WhatsApp:
+255 0755277807
(African Mlay)

Apply for an innovation team from the EXAKT4YOU project, working with you for 4 days from 16-19 March on an innovation topic of your choice. This can be a team working on business calculations, process documentation, app development or other topics; depending on availability of skillset in the EXAKT4YOU team; for details contact exakt4you@dhbw-heidenheim.de .

All Topics and Trainers


  • Business Calculations
    • Calculation of primary costs
    • Break Even analysis (amount of goods needed to be sold, minimum sales price)
    • Key performance indicators (productivity, economics, profitability, liquidity, ROI)
    • capital budgeting and investment calculation
  • How to apply for grants and funding
    We will together work on real applications for grants or funding. Requirement: you need to bring a program you want to apply for funds.
  • Employee retention and team building
    Purposes and goals for employer branding, strategic approach, aspects and measures, controlling of employer branding, best practice examples and own practice.
  • Pilot Drying Plant for Agricultural Goods
    This includes market analysis for agricultural goods at all seasons, how to choose what agricultural goods to process or conserve by drying. When and what to dry. How to dry, how to be organized for drying,. To whom to sell, and when to sell, Stocking and by whom.
  • The right strategy for your marketing conception
    When to do what and how: In this course you will learn how to create a unique marketing strategy for your business or NGO – concerning the budget, media channels, time and content. You will take the first steps in writing your own marketing plan.
  • Report Writing in Business Planning
    Package your information for communication purposes with customers, clients, potential investors and funders in your small business including a marketing, evaluation and status report.
  • Brand Management and Storytelling
    People love to dive into new worlds by listening to stories. Brands can use this human need to promote their individuality and to convince the consumers that their product is more valuable.

    We will talk about the following topics with which you can already contemplate the first measures for your own business:
    • How to build up a brand
    • How to take advantage of storytelling when promoting your brand
    • How to stick in the consumer’s head by creating a world around your products
  • Excel Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs
    This training will show you how to do the business calculations in an excel spreadsheet. It focuses on the topics of the business calculation training.


Franziska Baar, MA
freelance copywriter and marketing specialst

Dr. Sabine Moebs, PhD
prof in International Business Information Systems & International Management at DHBW Heidenheim

Dr. Zanifa Omary, PhD
lecturer in the School of Computing at the Institute of Finance Management,  Daressalaam

Dr Katja Stamer
prof and program director in Industrial Engineering at DHBW Stuttgart-Horb

Dr Angelika Kessler
agricultural engineer with 20+ years work experience in West Africa in the area of food security and a livelihood program advisor

Wiseman Ndlovu, PhD
researcher at the Institute for Rural Development, University of Venda, South Africa and a facilitator in rural development

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