Fundraising Ideas

Please find some more fundraising ideas, involving a party, a donut, your birthday or a marathon.

Tanzania / MYV Party

Organise a party with everyone donating to Moshi Youth Village or charge an entry fee for MYV. Make the motto visible and have Tanzanian dishes (link to a page-TBD) and have music popular in Tanzania (link to Spotify list).

Donation box Cafeteria

Ask if you can provide a little donation box beside the cashiers at your university or company cafeteria, where people can donate their spare change. Decorate the donation box with this picture (link to downloadable MYV sticker), if you like.

Charity Concert

Do you have friends who play in a band? Ask them if they will do a charity gig. Either they contribute an entrance fee or money is collected during the event and the band makes time for a presentation of the cause.

Donut donation

Talk to your favourite coffee shop or restaurant, if they will donate amount x of each piece sold; e.g. 10c of each donut sold during Christmas season / Spring break / etc.


Collect contributions from donors (someone has a very good bottle of wine, shops sometimes give away vouchers or in-kind donations).

Birthday or Christmas present donation

Ask friends and family to donate, either online or in a dedicated piggy bank, as a gift.

Donations in church or other places of worship

Ask to collect donations one Sunday in your church

Sponsoring at work

Check if your company makes donations to good causes at the end of the year.

Organize Online Fundraising

There are numerous online portals, e.g., You usually need to connect your donations page with the bank details of a registered charity in your country. If you are in the US, consider a donation page for us at the One World Children Fund portal.

Kili Charity Climb

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro and ask friends, family and colleagues to support you by donating to MYV. Organise your climb with our board member Azizi from Trek2Kili, have an impact on the local economy and: Nothing beats local knowledge!

Sponsoring card

A sponsoring card allows friends and other people you know to sign up for a certain amount and give it to you directly. Usually going through a local charity who can hand out tax exemption forms, you need to make sure you have the address field to send the receipt included. You can use the sponsoring card provided.
If you talk to people about MYV they can give a donation to you on the spot. This avoids them having to deal with online donation, wait for some other time or they might forget, despite their good intentions. It is good for donations from 2-2000€ or any other amount.

Sponsoring Partnership by companies

Companies sign up for a Gold, Silver or Bronze MYV Partnership for a specific year.
They vary in donation, 10 mio TSh or 5000€/5000$ for gold, 5 mio TSh or 2500€/2500$ for silver and 2 mio TSh or 1000€/1000$ for a bronze partnership, each for one year.
Sponsors are mentioned on the home page of Foot2Afrika, show up as gold/silver/bronze partner in the partner section for all sponsored MYV events and are mentioned at local face-to-face charity events.
If you are in the US or in Germany, get in touch for tax-deductible options.

Table Quiz

The idea is that teams of 4-5 people answer a list of questions, which are usually organized in 6-8 categories or rounds. A quiz master reads out the questions and teams have very limited time (less than 1 minute) to find the answer to each question and write them down on the answer sheets. At the end of each round or category the questions are read out once more and then the answer sheets are collected.

Once all answer sheets are collected, the quiz master reads out questions and correct answers – this gives everyone an idea, how they are doing. After half of the rounds points are added up to see which team is in the lead. Same at the end after the final round.

Good prizes are things people cannot buy, but provide a unique experience; e.g. if you know people who fly a plane, they can offer to take the winning team on a flight across your city; get sponsored tickets for a football match, including a chat with some of the players, etc. Often the venue donates a round of drinks, which is a good prize for the 3rd team.

Example Table Quiz

  • Organise an available pub, free of charge.
  • Look for a venue with several tables for 4-5 people, rather than a few large tables.
  • Prepare a poster; Topic: Table Quiz for Moshi Youth Village / Date & Time / Venue / our facebook, twitter and/or website links
  • Start advertising, as soon as you have the venue and the main prize secured.
  • Prepare the questions with categories, e.g. music, sports, global issues, science, geography, Foot2Afrika
  • Prepare questions and print answer sheets, one per team. You can use our template for the table quiz.
  • Organise the prize for 2nd and 3rd team.
  • Confirm the event with a good quiz master (witty, clear reading, comfortable with an unknown audience, possibly with using a microphone).
  • Prepare big poster to keep track of scores after the rounds.
  • On the evening: Start with a short and fun introduction of the cause. Collect participation fee and hand out prepared answer sheets. Make presentation of winners and overall scores a fun time and encourage people to follow us on facebook or visit our website.

Sell food and drink

  • Coffee morning, mulled wine at the local Christmas market or a fruit stand in the summer
  • Example Coffee morning:
    • Find an easily accessible location on campus, in your company or its vicinity as a free-of-charge venue.
    • Ask a circle of close friends or colleagues to bake a cake that can be easily cut into pieces and eaten out of your hand.
    • Get bulk tea and a large jar of instant coffee, a couple of litres of milk and a kilo of sugar as well as some bulk paper cups and paper napkins.
    • Organize a couple of large flasks for hot water and a kettle for refills of the flasks.
    • Put a nicely designed poster up on your bulletin board and online, send around an email invitation to staff and/or students a few days before the event and a reminder on the morning. Ask people to bring their own cups (reduces your cleaning work and is environmentally friendly).
    • Organize a team of 2-3 people to help you setting up, cleaning in between, do refills and clean up afterward, so you also have some time to talk to the people attending about MYV.

Charity Sports Events

  • Charity Run – use an organised running event and ask for donation for you participating in it, extra donation if time is better than X minutes; e.g. Flora Marathon in Dublin, Einstein Marathon in Ulm, PwC-Marathon in Frankfurt etc.
  • Winter swim in the sea or in a lake
    • In Germany: Faschings-Schwimmen in a lake
    • In Ireland: Christmas swim in the sea, etc.
  • Football game
    This can be 2 local teams or at university a match profs vs. students, etc.
    Talk to the ground owners, if you can use the facilities for free, but charge a small entrance fee OR find a sponsor to cover charges and ask for an entrance fee. Advertise the event through email lists to colleagues and students, to facebook friends and on free bulletin boards in the area.
  • In Moshi: Youth Village Cup – potential sponsors: banks, large companies
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